Advisory Boards

MPS Scholars works closely with two advisory boards, MPS Scholars Faculty & Staff Advisory Council and MPS Scholars Student Advisory Board, that represent the MPS community. The advisory boards offer invaluable input on MPS Scholars resources and activities. 

Meet the MPS Scholars Faculty & Staff Advisory Council 

The MPS Scholars Faculty & Staff Advisory Council meets monthly throughout the academic year and is made up of staff and faculty from all MPS departments.

Name Department Title
Brianna Franklin Astronomy Undergraduate Advisor
Eugene Chiang Astronomy Professor
Maria Kies Astronomy Department Manager
Michael Manga Earth & Planetary Sciences  Professor
Nadine Spingola-Hutton Earth & Planetary Sciences  Director of Student Services
Nicholas Swanson-Hysell Earth & Planetary Sciences  Professor 
Veronica Padilla Earth & Planetary Sciences  Administrative Manager
Andrew Eppig L&S Office of Equity & Inclusion Research Analyst
Antonio Montalban Mathematics Professor
Brian Underwood Mathematics Department Manager
Vicky Lee Mathematics Director of Student Services
Hanh Tran Mathematics Undergraduate Programs Manager and Advisor
Frances Hellman MPS Dean's Office and Physics Professor
Claire-Marie Kooi MPS Dean's Office and DEIA Office Associate Director, MPS Scholars
Colette Patt MPS Dean's Office and DEIA Office

Assistant Dean, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, & Access
Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Alison Schopmeyer MPS Dean's Office and DEIA Office MPS Diversity Office Program Coordinator
Wanda Nieters MPS Dean's Office Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, MPS
Jessica Stevenson Stewart Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships Director, Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships
Austin Hedeman Physics Instructor/Academic Coordinator
Claudia Trujillo Physics  Director of Student Services
Matt Pyle Physics Professor

Meet the MPS Scholars Student Advisory Board 

The MPS Scholars Student Advisory Board meets monthly throughout the academic year and is made up of undergraduate and graduate MPS students.

Name Department Title
Kiran Eiden Astronomy  PhD Student
Chad Harper Physics PhD Student
Tanja Kovacevic EPS PhD Student
Giselle Lopez EPS Undergraduate Student
Anthony Fuentes EPS PhD Student
Destinee Her Math Undergraduate Student
Morgan Cole Physics Undergraduate Student
Aashrita Mangu Physics PhD Student
River Hughes Physics Undergraduate Student
Fira Fatmafiesa Astronomy Undergraduate Student
Maude Gull Astronomy PhD Student