Students chatting on campus with MPS Scholars logo

Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS) Scholars is designed to achieve equitable outcomes for all undergraduates who are interested in the mathematical and physical sciences.

MPS Scholars supports undergraduate students' aspirations to become math and physical sciences majors, advance to degree completion, and go on to enjoy rewarding science careers. 

All undergraduate students who are intended and declared majors in MPS have access to the MPS Scholars community!

Students sitting in a row at a mentoring event
MPS Scholars Annual Retreat Group Photo

Through MPS Scholars, students are connected to opportunities designed to enhance educational and career success, including:

  • Dedicated graduate student, faculty, and alumni mentors
  • Research opportunities both on and off campus
  • Networking events with alumni and helpful connections to scientists in industry
  • Timely information and resources for students planning to go to graduate school
  • New courses that help students get oriented at Cal, find their best paths through the science majors, and get prepared for research and internship opportunities, such as MPS 1: Navigating the Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • A vibrant supportive community and a network of organizations that span Astronomy, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics
  • Timely, valuable information about educational and career opportunities
  • Assistance navigating the array of services and organizations of interest to science students
  • Annual retreats and events where science students can get to know one another, interact with faculty and advisers in a relaxed and encouraging setting, establish and renew their own highest aspirations, and be inspired
  • Encouragement, guidance, advocacy, and accurate, useful information from others in the science community in contexts where each student’s’ identity, interests, and ambitions is recognized, encouraged, celebrated.