Community Building

Students gathered on Memorial Glade

Student organizations are an essential part of students building community in MPS, accessing mentorship and finding academic support. MPS Scholars partners with student organizations to support MPS students in their academic success. We encourage students to explore the various resources and student communities available to them. MPS Scholars helps students connect with the student organizations!

Student Groups in the Mathematical & Physical Sciences 

Society of Physics Students (SPS) The Society of Physics Students is a professional, national organization for all students interested in physics. We are the chapter at University of California - Berkeley. We do fun projects, promote and discuss physics, tour lab facilities, and connect with professors and their research. We also support a FAQ to answer questions about physics courses and the physics major, and we will produce a course guide soon. Check them out! We are a student group acting independently of the University of California.
Society of Women in the Physical Sciences (SWPS) SWPS is a student group run by female graduate students in Physics, Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Biophysics. Our goals are to encourage women and minorities to study the physical sciences and to create a friendly and supportive environment in these departments for all students.
Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA) MUSA is a student organization that strives to improve the overall quality of studying mathematics as an undergraduate, especially by advocating for issues that benefit the entire undergraduate math community, not only the subset that attends our events. Joining MUSA is an excellent way to connect with other math enthusiasts. You can learn about the many opportunities for math students, including little tricks that will help you survive the rigorous math curriculum here.
Undergraduate Astronomy Society (UAS) We are an organization of both undeclared and declared astrophysics majors dedicated to creating a strong sense of community within the undergraduate Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley. We help students to become involved in the Astronomy Department while guiding them and providing resources for success.
Undergraduate Laboratory @ Berkeley (ULAB) We believe that every student interested in participating in research at Berkeley should have the opportunity to do so. We are committed to individually helping new students find research on campus, developing student-led research projects, and connecting & supporting students already involved in research.
Compass Project

The Compass Project is a self-formed group of graduate and undergraduate students in the physical sciences at UC Berkeley. Our goals are to improve undergraduate physics education, provide our participants with opportunities for professional development, and increase retention of students, especially those from populations typically underrepresented in the physical sciences. Services provided have included a summer program, fall and spring semester courses, mentoring, a research lecture series, and other academic and social support.

EPS Geoscience Students of Color (GSOC)

GSOC welcomes all EPS undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni to join their meetings. GSOC is a space for students of color and allies to connect. GSOC offers peer-to-peer mentoring and tutoring programs. 

Womxn in Mathematics at Berkeley (WxM)

Womxn in Mathematics at Berkeley is an organization that serves to foster a community and provide a network amongst the undergraduate women in mathematics at Cal.

This is an active list for our office. We welcome recommendations from the campus MPS community of undergraduate student groups & associations to add to the list, contact us!