MPS Orientation Courses & Resources

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To help students thrive during their first year at UC Berkeley, we offer comprehensive courses that give students an introduction to academic and campus life. Students who enroll in our preparation and orientation courses will enhance their network of mathematicians and scientists, learn how to successfully transition into college life, and gain the skills necessary to develop professionally, academically, and socially. 

MPS Scholars Orientation Course Launching Fall 2022! 

Fall MPS 1 Course - Navigating the Mathematical and Physical Sciences

1 Unit, P/NP

As a community of physical sciences and mathematics students, this course is designed to support all students with their transition to UC Berkeley. Every student’s background, needs, and experience is unique. This course highlights relevant resources on campus and helps students in building community and a sense of belonging. It also gives incoming students an opportunity to hear from continuing students, graduate students, and faculty about classes, curriculum, and research. This course is open to all intended physical sciences and mathematics majors.

Upon completion of this course, students will gain:

  • An enhanced mentoring network.
  • Awareness of the written and unwritten rules of academic life and how to navigate them successfully.
  • Knowledge of how a mathematics and physical sciences major connects to career opportunities and strategies for maximizing advancement into these career paths as well as exploring the potential for subsequent graduate study.
  • Connections to successful scientists and advanced students with whom they can identify and to whom they can relate.

This course is open to all freshman and sophomore students who are intended MPS majors (mathematics, physics, astronomy, and earth and planetary science majors).

Explore additional MPS orientation courses & academic resources that are available to students!

Solid Foundations Pre-Calculus Essentials (PCE)

Summer Course

Solid Foundations Pre-Calculus Essentials (PCE)

1 Unit, P/NP (optional)

Berkeley’s Math Department offers Pre-calculus Essentials (PCE), a 3-week course being offered during Summer Session E (July 25 - August 12). PCE was created by faculty in the Berkeley Math Department to focus on the essentials of what you need to know to excel in your first college math courses at Berkeley. The goal of this program is to prepare students for Berkeley introductory mathematics courses. Over a period of three weeks, the course offers live lectures,...

Physics 153: Foundational Course for Physical Science Transfer Students

Fall Course

Physics 153: Foundational Course for Physical Science Transfer Students
1 Unit, P/NP

This course is designed to assist physics and other physical sciences transfer students in their transition to UC Berkeley. Over the course of a semester, students will learn about campus resources, how to navigate the campus, establish connections with other students in their cohorts, receive physics transfer peer mentorship and advising. Students will work in small-groups to solve challenging mathematical and physics concepts to assist with academic success.