MPS Mentoring Leadership Council

The MPS Mentoring Leadership Council provides advice and recommendations related to enhancing the MPS Scholars Mentoring Network in order to improve retention rates and increase greater diversity, inclusion, and equity in the MPS division.

Meet the MPS Mentoring Leadership Council members

Joseph SlivkaPhyicsPhD Student
Natalie BruhwilerPhysicsUndergraduate Student
Nathaniel RognessMathUndergraduate Student
Nikitha ChalgeriPhysics & Data ScienceUndergraduate Student
Alexey KrivegaAstronomyUndergraduate Student
David ZhangMath & Computer ScieceUndergraduate Student
Derek KaplanAstronomyUndergraduate Student
Lakshay PatelMathUndergraduate Student
Morgan ColePhysicsUndergraduate Student
Radha MastandreaPhysicsPhD Student